Lessons Learned

I recently took a misstep with a client.  Although I had good intentions, and no ulterior motive, she felt that I had had ill-timed a communication.  It was truly upsetting to her (and consequently to me).  Needless to say, I immediately apologized profusely, and without a long, drawn out explanation, accepted my part in the misunderstood communication. Oh sure, I could have blamed Mercury (still in retrograde), and there was a specific reason why I did and said what I did … Still, I stepped into an unenviable place of inadvertently hurting someone I care about.

So, trying to turn the event around, I have studied it since finding out about it yesterday, and am glad to say that I have generated lessons from it.  I have also suggested that all the folks involved do likewise.  This is a stronger position then my “former” defensiveness would have yielded.

What was my learning?  There were several, and I think a couple have yet to unfold.  Still, I realize, once again, something I have always known but had temporarily forgotten: our timing of things done and said must be carefully calculated; and that something I discuss daily in other parts of my life may be extremely sensitive to others.  The fine line that I must walk as a facilitator has, like any other path, pitfalls that still need to be guarded against!



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