A Deeper Shamanic Journey

Last weekend, Autumn’s Fire offered a workshop called Mask Consciousness, hosted and facilitated by Sherry Thomas. Sherry is a magical lady whose artistic talents are well known in northeast Georgia.   Her home, smilingly called “The Castle,” is nestled in the foothills of the mountains, and was the ideal environs for this awesome day.


We began with shamanic meditation to help the participants reach into themselves and find their true essence. I asked each to  be surrounded by the guides, winged ones, ancestors, and animal totems that they desired to have on their journey.  After returning from this deep work, they then moved to a large table laden with paints, feathers, naturally occurring ornamentation, and buttons, trinkets, and other man-made gifts.  Taking a mask form, they set about to intuit how the forms would be decorated.


Sherry’s connection to this amazing art form began with her participation in the Natural Rhythms workshops.  In the 200 Level course, Sherry found what has become a soul-satisfying art form that “juices” her being, and is a source of never-ending excitement in her life.  To learn more about Natural Rhythms, click  http://www.autumnsfire.org.


There is absolutely NO artistic ability required for this workshop!  Yet, each mask, from those who are considered artistic, to  those of us who THINK we lack creative ability, were beautiful and deeply moving.  What was most important was that, to each of us, our mask was a precious treasure — a true connection to ourselves.


We are planning to announce other Mask Consciousness workshops in Atlanta and northeast Georgia in early 2012.  To learn more about Mask Consciousness, and the other workshops we offer, please visit  http://www.autumnsfire.org/programs/



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