There seemed no better way to open this blog then with a bit of a travelog.  Hopefully, it won’t be like those friends’ travelogs that you have to sit through when your compadres return from the best vacation of their lives, and there are hours and hours of their experiences, who they met, and they are sure you want to hear every detail of their adventures snorkeling in the sea

We are in Kaua’i, HI, vacationing at a resort that puts us about 300 yards from the Pacific.   Of course, there are lots of tourists, but now and then,I can sneak off to a place to find myself alone with my thoughts and the Elements.  This is the place for that connection: earth, water, air, and the fire of the sun are just outside my door, and Spirit is with me.  So, I guess that qualifies as “spiritual.”

Two places have moved me to tears.  One:  the Weimea Canyon.  Called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” it certainly is smaller then the GC that I visited 2 years ago.  But, for me, Weimea’s impact was unmistakable.  I guess the difference is that Weimea is covered with green against its red, red rock.  It’s more intimate, more personal.    More Spirit’s” second home” kind of feeling.

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  1. Savvy

    Thanks so much for sharing. You are grasping and learning things–and reaching out to nature, as she is to you. You are gifting your friends with beauty and peace by sharing your thoughts!

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