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Sage-ing: Spicing Up Your Life

sagingSage is such a versatile aromatic, especially at this time of year. Its uses are varied, from spicing up sumptuous holiday meats and veggies, to clearing out well-used sacred spaces. It’s a must-have for coaches, facilitators, and those of us who want to create sparkling energy fields.

But, sage is also a description of a discerning person, AND a noun expressing wisdom that goes deeply to the bone. When you SAGE, or are SAGE-ING, you are expressing your inner insightfulness, your truths gained from years of experience. YOU are a SAGE, SAGE-ING in a world that needs prudent and perceptive insights.

Many of us second guess our innate intelligence and thoughtfulness. We may fear judgment if we express our innermost guidance, and it is rejected. Or, we just don’t trust that the messages we carry are impactful enough! We may even feel that because these insights are a natural part of who we are, that they are not really special enough…we don’t recognize our gifts as such.

SO NOT TRUE!! . We fail to give credence to the impact of our thoughts on our family, friends, communities, and mass consciousness as a whole. Your energies influence the world!

In 2014, it’s my goal to help my clients dive into their pool of SAGENESS and step out into the energies of SAGE-ING. Your keen awareness is needed in our world tormented by fear, anger, and retaliation. Now is the time for speaking up and speaking out in your SAGENESS.

No matter how you celebrate this time of year, may it be peaceful, meaningful, and include a large serving of joy and SAGE-ING.

Good for the World

ID-10016416In my previous article, I shared with you some interesting perspectives on Life Purpose , from, commenting on an article published by Echoing Green. This article was entitled 10 Principles of Work on Purpose.  

As promised, I want to share with you 3 more of their Principles on Purpose. These are entitled “Good for the World.”

4. ________ Is What Matters

By selecting a social problem (or more than one) that matters to you, and staying focused, these become focal points in your life. Then, it is easier to have the freedom to say no to those things that fill your precious time, take your energy, and do not bring you closer to fulfilling your own life purpose. For those of us working as helping, healing, or spiritual guides and advisors, it is all too easy to be distracted by sights and scenes around us. Find that problem that you want to solve for yourself and your clients, and stick with it.

5. Act on Moments of Obligation

Once you have determined the social challenge that is pivotal for you, find an aspect of that problem that you can, AND WILL, work with. Once you have identified it, find the small steps (or big steps) that you can take to make a difference. If you are working with clients who face obstacles, large and small, depending on life experiences, this is the time to take your message to them, and to the world to assist in shrinking the challenge, one person at a time.

6. Take Perspective – Someone Else’s 

Echoing Green challenges each of us to seek out and understand other populations. We often pay lip service to being ecumenical, but know little of the cultures, peoples, and customs of these populations.

Take time for a deeper study and make space for some new perspectives each week. Many other cultures are so rich that they will enhance your life, your work, and reaching your Life Purpose.

Do you think it’s time for you to really connect more deeply with your life purpose? Join us on July 24 and September 11 for Life Lift! (Click here for more information

Next time, we will finish these 10 principles with the section BE BOLD. Have a great holiday and see you soon!

Purpose and Prosperity – Third Act Success

One of my clients asked early in our professional relationship: “Isn’t it too late for me? I am almost 60 years old. How can I expect to start a business, build it up, and finally succeed, at this stage of life when I am slowing down?”

I explained to her, as I have to many clients since, that IT IS NOT TOO LATE! At age 55, I founded a non-profit called Ageless, which brought much-needed attention to the psychological challenges of an aging population caught between aging parents, and children still at home. At 60, Autumn’s Fire was my creation developed to assist those 50+ in their professional journey in a spiritual community. At 65, one of my long-held dreams, The Nourished Soul: Caring for Your YOUniverse Symposium, came to fruition, bringing unique and gifted facilitators and presenters together in one place for those who yearn for a breakthrough.

Certainly I am not unique in being a person who craved moving into my Life Purpose at a later stage of life. Just when I thought I was going to slow down a bit, begin to take it easy, I find myself with more exciting work to do than ever before. My joy and delight is palpable as I work with clients, helping clients move into their Life Purpose while gaining insights into how to reach out and capture prosperity.

So how does one begin in this process? It begins with a firm foundation of recognizing how to maximize strengths and handle challenges. It begins with an understanding of your lineage – the patterns and gifts that are in your DNA, or that you experienced in a prior life time. Whatever belief is comfortable to you.

Then reaching into a visceral understanding of Life Purpose, and the tools you have to reach it, is the next step.

Through the years, we change, but our essence remains the same. Perhaps life has caused us to squelch that essence, being busy with life’s challenges. Without the excavation of this basic knowledge, it’s very difficult to build a plan for a business.

Once the Essence becomes clear, we can rapidly identify the perfect client, choose your niche, decide how Spirit and unseen forces support your effort, and dreams.

So, what are your dreams, your unfinished/unstarted work, your path to fulfillment? Are you willing to figure out your work in the world, and step into your essence?

“Modern Day Money Goddess”

Last week, I had occasion to attend Lisa Michael’s “Modern Day Money Goddess” workshop with 30 other women — all of them insightful and open to the teachings of the Elements.  It was an uplifting time to be reminded of the gifts of the Elements in reaching  financial goals.  The possibilities go way beyond what you might imagine.

If you have not already dug deeply into the Elements through Natural Rhythms, I invite you to contact us at to learn about how you can find the gifts of abundance through the Elemental Forces of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit!