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Sage-ing: Spicing Up Your Life

sagingSage is such a versatile aromatic, especially at this time of year. Its uses are varied, from spicing up sumptuous holiday meats and veggies, to clearing out well-used sacred spaces. It’s a must-have for coaches, facilitators, and those of us who want to create sparkling energy fields.

But, sage is also a description of a discerning person, AND a noun expressing wisdom that goes deeply to the bone. When you SAGE, or are SAGE-ING, you are expressing your inner insightfulness, your truths gained from years of experience. YOU are a SAGE, SAGE-ING in a world that needs prudent and perceptive insights.

Many of us second guess our innate intelligence and thoughtfulness. We may fear judgment if we express our innermost guidance, and it is rejected. Or, we just don’t trust that the messages we carry are impactful enough! We may even feel that because these insights are a natural part of who we are, that they are not really special enough…we don’t recognize our gifts as such.

SO NOT TRUE!! . We fail to give credence to the impact of our thoughts on our family, friends, communities, and mass consciousness as a whole. Your energies influence the world!

In 2014, it’s my goal to help my clients dive into their pool of SAGENESS and step out into the energies of SAGE-ING. Your keen awareness is needed in our world tormented by fear, anger, and retaliation. Now is the time for speaking up and speaking out in your SAGENESS.

No matter how you celebrate this time of year, may it be peaceful, meaningful, and include a large serving of joy and SAGE-ING.

Fire Water Women

“Autumn’s Fire first Practical Priestess emerged on Saturday, September 10. The
ceremony they created was touching and meaningful. As Priestesses of the New
Earth, they are now bringing their individual voices and messages to the world.
Congratulations, Beautiful Ones.”






From left to right: Sherry Thomas, Jan Truslow,
Charlotte Greer, Jennifer Lynch, and Facilitator/Coach Susan Kersey.