"Freedom After 50:  Claiming Prosperity and
Purpose in Your  Juicy Third Act."

A 6-Month Platinum VIP Experience

We are under the mistaken belief that in order to fulfill our purpose here, we have to sacrifice Financial Freedom… we must sacrifice ourselves to serve others!  THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!!

Have you spent YEARS trying to build up your client base only to have attrition and backslides?  Have you struggled to get clients to sign up for your programs – even the free ones?  ARE YOU FEELING THE CRUNCH OF TIME FEARING IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU TO HAVE THE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF??   My message to you is that IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!

It IS possible to not only fulfill your life purpose, but to have the income that you want and NEED to have that will carry you into, and THROUGH, your Third Act!

You’ve probably seen it over and over again in those savvy entrepreneurs who are living their dreams, whether it is to have a thriving 6-figure income while doing their heart’s work, or to serve their clients  from the foreign country where they dreamed of living. 


This program is created for you if...

  • You are still not sure you are offering the right program(s).

  • You have struggled to keep your clients and to find new ones.

  • Your business has not seen the growth you anticipated and hoped for.

  • You have had to supplement your business with other work.

  • You struggle with knowing whether to keep or give up your business for a “real” job.

  • You believe that you just haven’t had the “luck” that other facilitators have had.

  • You believe you are not as smart or as talented as other leaders.

If you answered "YES" to any of these statements,


So now what?

"So now what?", you ask - well, there is a coach who understands the challenges of the Third Act Entrepreneur.  Her tried and true methods are adapted to spotlight the many gifts that the Third Act Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur-in-Waiting bring to the table:  deeper wisdom; quickly developing your true niche and perfect client; the need to move forward quickly, but wisely, at this stage of life; insights of years of experience.

Bonnie Salamon ~

Founder of Autumn’s Fire, Creator of The Nourished Soul Symposium, Coach, Facilitator, and Certified Gerontologist, will take you on a juicy third act journey to Life Purpose, Financial Freedom, and beyond!

My own story included hard lessons learned about creating my niche, and developing techniques that would SELL the programs that I knew could benefit my clients.   My experience includes many programs that did not “make it”.   There have been many doubts about myself as a result.  

Now, with these tried and true methods, I have come full circle into the life I have dreamed of by serving my clients with heart driven, Spirit inspired programs that allow my clients to create a life of purpose and prosperity.

In  "Freedom After 50:  Claiming Prosperity and Purpose in Your  Juicy Third Act" we work together to:

  • Identify your strengths through the archetypal lens of Shamanic Astrology.  Finally you will have a way to KNOW how to support yourself and bring forward all that you have come to do.

  • Uncover parts of yourself that you have suppressed and/or need rebalancing.

  • How to clear blocks that have been created by family patterns that impede your progress – EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEY ARE THERE.

  • Learn to identify and create, the niche that is yours to fill.

  • Understand and implement the programming and sales techniques that will fill your programs.

  • Understand what it really takes to keep in touch with your communities.

Here’s what you will experience:

Even before the official start of your program, you will receive information about your Life Purpose and the tools you have to reach it in a 75 minute Archetypal Discovery Session through the lens of Shamanic Astrology.  You’ll learn what your “automatic pilot” strengths are, and how to support your efforts as you move into YOUR life purpose.


10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Revisiting and setting an intention for moving into Life Purpose AND Financial Freedom.


90 Minute Visioning Session when we will visit your dreams, desires,
and what has been holding you back.

Develop your Sacred Container and balance the Elements of Earth, Water,
Air, and Fire within you based on your archetypal chart.

Understanding Your Archetypal Patterns for Lineage, Tools
and Life Purpose.

Catered Lunch  

Family Constellations Session with Zureya Queipo –
Breaking Family Patterns that Hold You Back.

Close with a one-hour personal massage.

~ OR ~

VIP Day 2

10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

(Pre-requisites:  Practical Priestess 100 or Natural Rhythms 100)

Revisiting and setting an intention for moving into
Life Purpose AND Financial Freedom.

90 Minute Visioning Session when we will visit your dreams,
desires, and what has been holding you back.

Develop your Sacred Container for your work, and create your
Unified Field based on your archetypal chart.

Catered Lunch

Challenging blocks that still remain  

Family Constellations Session with Zureya Queipo – 
Breaking Family Patterns that Hold You Back.

Close with a one-hour personal massage.

“This information gave me the opportunity to look at myself, and my life, in a totally different context, facilitating HUGE and positive life altering growth. Thank you”  
                                                                                                                   ~Meg Boendier

“What an AMAZING JOURNEY. I gained so much from our deep love (and support) together. I also RELEASED SO MUCH that was hidden and impeding!”
                                                                                                                    ~Melody LeBaron


You and Your Youniverse – It’s Elemental

Your Life Purpose and Your Business – Making It A Match

Partnerships/Relationships – The Third Act Entrepreneur in Relationship

No separation – Business and Personal:  It all goes together

Financial Freedom – A Mindset

Your Unified Field Around Money 


You and Your Business — Challenging the Status Quo

Identify Your Niche  

Identify Your Perfect Client

Reaching Your Niche


Co-Creating Your Product/Service

Including Spirit in Your Process

The Elemental Messages to Successful Products and Services

What Makes YOUR Product/Service Sell

Your Business’ Unified Field


Selling Your Product/Service

The Message

Deciding How to Communicate It

The Presentation

Making the Sales Call


Client Care  


The VIP Touches

Creating the Ongoing Relationship


Your 1 and 5 Year Plans

Visioning Your Plan: Way More Than Dollars and Cents

The 8 Considerations for a Successful 5-Year Plan


Life Success Strategies through Archetypal Understanding
If you are new to the process, you will receive a baseline archetypal strategy session through the lens of Shamanic Astrology to identify your lineage, your tools for reaching life purpose, and a deep understanding of what you have come here to do.

Family Constellations Session with Zureya Queipo
Family patterns that go back generations may be impeding your progress as you attempt to move through to your highest good.  With Zureya’s guidance, you will clear out burdens and responsibilities that are not yours to carry – be it from this lifetime,
               from others, or from your DNA.

Flower Essence Reading with Susan Kersey, Holistic Wellness Consultant  
Did you know that your body carries 47 miles of electrical wiring within it?  It is a tangled web of interacting circuits.  Balancing them, and keeping them flowing keeps YOUR juices flowing.  Susan will work with each attendee to start the process of healing from the
               inside out.

Natural Rhythms by Lisa Michaels

Elemental Oracle cards

The Intersection of Joy and Money by Mackey McNeil

Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario

...and MUCH More

**EXTRA BONUS** — Sign up under the Fast Action Plan, and receive:  

2 Tickets to the 2nd Annual Symposim ~ The Nourished Soul: Caring for Your YOUniverse 
April 12-14, 2013

A conference including workshops, vendors, and keynote speakers on Earth Day weekend 2013

My work with Bonnie over the past year has taught me how to partner with the elements (earth, fire, air, water and spirit) to discover my life purpose, understand how the elements work with the archetypes of the divine masculine and feminine to co-create an authentic life, and to become aware of the importance of intention as it works in sync with the natural rhythms of the universe. I am so grateful for the knowledge that she has so compassionately shared."                                                           ~ Anne Freels


(this does not commit you to the program)

How much longer will you wait to Co-Create the life you have longed for?  

It’s not too late for the Third Act woman to fulfill her role in the New Earth paradigm.  

You have come this far — the time to act is NOW!

My Guarantee to You: You will finish this 6 Month Platinum VIP Program with a renewed sense of self and ideas and plans to move forward to the life style you choose, or YOUR MONEY BACK!