If I Knew Then

Since I began this journey to authenticate myself, and find what it is in this world that I was meant to do, it has been my delight to share experiences (and experience) the younger generations in my family, in workshops, in retreats. Their connections to the spiritual part of themselves is exemplified in their awareness and consciousness. It is palpable, energizing, and inspirational. They are using the connections to their authenticity in every phase of their lives: it’s present in how they raise their children, run their businesses, develop relationships, and how they step out into the world.

It wasn’t so for my generation. Uh-uh! Conformity was at its height in my adolescent years. In the early 60s, we all wanted to wear our hair in a flip, wear Weejun loafers with our cranberry pencil skirts and pink shirts, and we watched American Bandstand every afternoon. We wanted to fit in. Most of us followed the teachings of our parents’ religion, and so we often colored within the lines (literally and figuratively).

But, the lid came off our fire in the mid-60s when flower children, love and Haight-Ashbury came on the scene. Some of us still resisted the day’s slogan, “Make love not war.” We were the ‘good girls.’ For many of us, myself included, our awakening often came later — much later in our 40s and 50s. Sometimes even in our 60s.

A few weeks ago, when I was visiting the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, I found a mixed culture. Most of the run down rentals had been converted to lovely, stately, edifices, where the price tags were high. The streets were clean and quiet. We chatted with some aging hippies on their doorstep … they looked the same, but for sure their surroundings were different. Walk just a couple of blocks away, to Haight Street and the culture shifted: funky clothing shops; paraphernalia every few store fronts; unique eateries; and, an energy I’d not experienced in any other place.

Here’s what I’ve once and for all realized: it hasn’t been too late to come to my awakening in the last decade. What I know and experience now has every bit of the value for my life, and the lives of my clients, as the insights and knowings of my youmger friends and associates bring to their communities.

I am excited about the wisdom that the generations can so generously share with one another. Certainly, I would have enjoyed having their insights and believing in myself much earlier, but at least I have lived enough time to appreciate what I can experience in these years. I want to share my gifts with the coming generations. In turn, I want to revel in their wisdom, their joy, their authenticity.

Stay tuned later this month for an announcement of how we can come together to increase our understanding, and our abundance. Let’s share what we all know NOW — while it is viable for us all.

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