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S-aging Well Life Companioning

In maturity, we have wisdom – a personal, undeniable wisdom that is the reflection of a myriad of life experiences. But how do we get clarity on all we have to share with the world? Without a fresh
perspective, trying to piece it all together into a cohesive package can be difficult at best, leaving us at the pulpit without a sounding board.

It then becomes the task of the S~aging Well Life Companion to coax out what is carried within. It begins with the connection to who you are NOW, at this stage in life, melding the past with the present.

Through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, developed by Daniel
Giamario and co-founded by Cayelin Castell, we dive deep into a compelling view of Lineage, Life Purpose, and the Tools for
achieving that Purpose. The Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit gift us with an initial layer of understanding and insightful messages. Layer upon layer is excavated and examined, until we can finally envision the plan, build the foundation, connect with
unexpected emotions, and implement the necessary action, all in
Co-Creation with Spirit – our highest consciousness.

Once you are connected to all that you are and all you came here to do, we create a plan together for reaching your highest good, be it personal, business, or both. As your coach, spiritual partner, or just someone with whom to share ideas that matter, our monthly or weekly time together will open the door to your profound successes.

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