Useful links and great people

These are resources and people I know and
work with – I highly recommend them!

Judy Keating – CCT, Grief Coaching
Kathy Forest – Akashic Records
Nanette Littlestone – Editing and Publishing
Melody LeBaron – End of Life Coaching
Lisa Kaufman – Death Dullah
Nancy Gnecco – EFT
Tammy Billups –
Marilyn Segal
Michael Scimeca – Catalyst and Greaterness Coaching
Peter Klein –
Annette Pedersen –

Judy Keating - CCT, Grief Coach

Judy is a gifted facilitator and provides incredible CCT counseling and Grief Coaching – she is also my partner in Wise Transformation and Natural Rhythms

Nanette Littlestone

Nanette Littlestone is an award-winning author, editor, and independent publisher. She loves helping women write from the heart and get published so they can inspire others.

Cayelin Castell

Cayelin Castell is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and the top Shamanic Astrologer in North America.  She is also the co-founder of Venus Alchemy, an online community celebrating and tracking the power of the Venus Cycle. She is available for readings, events, and offers many workshops and virtual community gatherings.

Tammy Billups

Tammy is a Certified Interface Therapist, Author, holistic intuitive healer for animals and people, and a pioneer on the animal-human sacred multi-level soul partnership. She’s the author of two groundbreaking books and beautiful guided healing meditation CD’s

Michael Scimeca

“There’s a greaterness inside each of us and we can open to it.” -Michael Scimeca

Amy Forman Tutoring

Adding fun and ease to the learning process. Specializing in teaching children with special needs. 

Amy Forman, M.Ed.


Peter Klein

Peter Klein offers digital marketing services, website building and small business consulting services. In addition, he offers Shamanic Astrology and Destiny Card Readings (because he’s married to Cayelin Castell 🙂

Melody LeBaron

Home and Workspace expert and author of “Creating Sacred Space for the Dying” 

Available for space clearing, consulting and many other transformational services.

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