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Let’s face it, we are all aging…
But not everyone who ages is renewing themselves!!

How will you welcome in your newest self? 

Maybe it’s time to take a step closer to your own deep Well of self-mastery and experience, and see the reflection of the newer you.

You truly do have what you need – you’ve been developing it for years!!  Together we can explore how you can cross into your joy-filled, greater successes.

On Monday, March 31, I’ll be hosting a 75- minute, complimentary teleseminar to share some of my newest discoveries about the road to energetic, profound and easily reached, soul -satisfying perspectives on this truly exciting journey we may call aging, maturing, entering life’s Third Act, or creating a sought-after Chapter Three.  All this while attaining ease, peace and JOY!

You’ll finish the 75 minutes with a 7-Step Plan to welcome in your newest self:

  • Find the MANY ways to choose the ease you never expected in creating your greater successes
  • What is non-negotiable for this part of your life?
  • Learn the difference between the Path of Least Resistance and the Path of Ease
  • Find out how LOVE changes the landscape of your choices

Toward the end of our time together, I will open the lines to you for your input, your discoveries, your newer road to fulfillment.  After all, like me, you are probably exploring the most meaningful ways to S-aging Well.  Together we can begin to open to the greatest possibilities.  You may share the next phrase that supports someone’s path to their renewal  – and they may have just the words your S-aging self was waiting to hear.  It usually happens that way.

March 31 is in the new moon window. It’s the awakening of the light-filled growing season of the year.  And, YOUR light-filled season of expansion as well.   It’s the perfect time to embrace and bless this stage of your life.  Let’s do it together ….

March 31, 2014
7 PM ET, 5 CT, 4 PT


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