Because Every Chapter in Life Deserves an

Unforgettable Celebration

At Sunflower Ceremonies, our mission is to provide support in the creation of unique, personalized event rituals marking pivotal chapters of the Life Cycle – your Life Cycle. Each of our lives is marked by numerous extraordinary milestones which assist in our growth, alter the course we follow, and challenge the status quo. Recognition of these milestones through ceremony enhances meaning and clarity for us, and brings families and communities together in love and honoring.

What Is A Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a certified specialist in the art of ceremony, versed in world cultures,
rituals, and traditions. A Celebrant co-creates ceremonies to include the elements that you, the CLIENT, wish to have ritualized. Each ceremony is created exclusively for your event. Bonnie has been creating and performing ceremonies for over twelve years, and is a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, part of an internationally
esteemed Celebrant training program.

As guide, co-creator, and officiant, Bonnie walks with individuals, couples, and families as they honor all the passages of their lives – beginnings and endings, both large and small, and everything in between. By offering wonderfully unique and memorable details that honor your own personal beliefs and style, Bonnie will help to design an inclusive and welcoming event that is engaging for all participants and attendees.


Milestone Birthdays, Blessing a Home, Blessing a New Business, Land Consecration, Healing of an Illness, Relationship, Family Estrangement… and so much more!


Retirement, Leaving a Home, Moving into Assisted Living, Taking in a Relative, Leaving a Job, Ending a Relationship, Losing an Unborn Child, Funerals, Memorial Services, and Pet Memorials.


Weddings / Commitment Ceremonies, Mid-life Celebrations, Cronings, Graduations / Advanced Degrees, New Careers, Honoring a Pivotal Person in Your Life… and so much more!

What is the ceremony you wish to create? Let’s celebrate!

What a meaningful Healing Ceremony. Bonnie was very professional, spiritual and very present. I will always have that memory in my heart. Bonnie was able to transform a bad memory of a very bad accident to a grateful one. In a very unique ceremony full of family and friends’ love, Bonnie took me, and everyone else, on a soul journey, and today all I feel is gratitude for the opportunity I have to celebrate life. Thank you Bonnie, words are not enough!
~ Zureya Queipo

The ceremony for my launch party was fabulous. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it warmed my heart, and it touched the hearts of everyone who witnessed it. Bonnie led the way with grace and dignity and I am ever so grateful for her divine wisdom and leadership. I probably could have planned my own ceremony, but I’m so thankful I trusted her to do it. She far exceeded my expectations. The next time I need a co-creator and officiant, I’ll be calling Bonnie.
~ Nanette Littlestone, Author, Editor, and Publisher, Words of Passion

Bonnie created a most sacred, meaningful and heart-felt personal ceremony for me. She carefully took so much tender loving care to make certain every detail, every word, phrase and song of the ceremony was perfect to most help me connect, release and in turn embrace the next chapter of my life. The end result was incredible and more than what I ever anticipated. I will forever remember this truly wonderful event. Just thinking of it helps remind me to embrace my dreams! I am still so very grateful for you Bonnie!!!
~ Tammy Billups, Certified Therapist, Bioenergetics,
Holistic Healing for Animals & Their People


My Interview with Candice Felice on WPPR/88.3

Here is a link to my interview that was aired on WPPR / 88.3 NPR radio station out of Piedmont College in Demorest, GA. During the interview, I talked about why we do ceremony, what kinds of ceremonies we can do, and what is included in a ceremony. I also explored why and how mid-life women in particular transform themselves, and why it is so important to honor their transformation through ceremony. 



Finding Answers in the Heart

It has been my honor to walk the path of creating F.A.I.T.H: Finding Answers in the Heart, with some of the most inspiring women I have ever met. This book is dedicated to helping its readers rekindle their own faith.FAITH-Cover-031614

There are fourteen authors in this book, and we share our stories of struggle and challenge, and the gifts that helped us triumph and follow our dreams. We are “ordinary” women serving as extraordinary examples of what is possible for us all.

Now is the time to pay attention. You can choose a new direction. Your inner compass has been guiding you your whole life. All it takes is F.A.I.T.H.—Finding Answers in the Heart.

Celebrant USA Foundation and Institutebonnie-port-small2
Bonnie Salamon is a Certified
Life-Cycle Celebrant™,

S-aging Well Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Speaker, Certified
Gerontologist ~ and Lifelong Learner