What Priestess Sisters Have Said

“The Priestess Process started me on a whole new path in my life and gave me wonderful speed-dial sisters who are still my support circle.” ~MLB

“Going through the Priestess Process with Bonnie allowed me to recognize, greet, heal, love, and embrace parts of myself that sorely needed it. Priestess was a beautiful, safe, and very loving process. My life is richer for having gone through this nurturing process to learn more about the Divine Feminine. It also allowed into my life wonderful new friends and tools to help myself in the future. And I especially love the music and divine movement through dance to connect the body, mind, and soul.” ~TB

“A benefit I received from being in Priestess Process was that we created (once a month) a sacred space where patriarchy was stripped away, and the feminine was declared as divine as the masculine. In that space we shared deeply, danced, learned new things, and played in other creative ways.” ~SB

“I expected a deeper understanding; what I got was integration and vibrational shifts.” ~TD

“Love the Sisterhood. Information was phenomenal. It flowed very nicely; I found all topics interesting.” ~RK

“Bonnie led us through the most beautiful year of my life! The relationships with my precious priestess sisters are deep, rich and forever! The deepening of my understanding in the elements has enriched my life in all aspects- relationships, biz, and health. I am forever grateful!” ~PBC

“I’m being sincere when I say that the two of you are giving a gift so much bigger than each of you alone. You are master teachers so aligned and authentic that there are no words. I found myself along the way. Thank you for a safe and loving place to be.” ~LV