“Before I began Inner Wisdom Coaching sessions with Bonnie I had only a vague sense of what I wanted to offer for workshops in my community. I wasn’t clear on what would ignite my deep inner fires or how to weave my interests and talents together. Bonnie brought the powerful principles of working creatively with the powers of
Nature front and center for me in very practical ways. She guided me in Co-Creation with Spirit, aligning with the Elements and working with my Astrological team to bring my entrepreneurial venture to light. Through Bonnie’s gentle presence and wise counsel I was led through the maze of workshop series development, marketing of my series and honing my facilitation skills. I know I would not have moved forward without Bonnie’s weekly coaching. I am now more fully connected to an expanded and empowered part of myself. I am thrilled to see where this newly emerged Entrepreneurial Spirit takes me next! With much gratitude, I thank you Bonnie!”

“These two days gave me the opportunity to look at myself and my life in a totally different context, facilitating HUGE and positive life-altering growth. Thank you, Bonnie and Susan!”

“My most valuable experience from Life Lift was finding a totally new (and positive) understanding of my (natal) chart. It was easy to release a lot of past alleged “truths” and acknowledge the future, also. I now have more self-acceptance and opening to new

“What an AMAZING JOURNEY. I gained so much from our deep WORK / LOVE together. I also released so much that was previously hidden and impeding!”

“This is one of the most beneficial studies of my life at this time. I now have a clear understanding of my gifts, and my strengths. I am looking forward to seeing how life unfolds with this new

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