The Year of Conscious Connection

2012 is already moving at the speed of light. I am holding space for each of you that it will hold the magic of your dreams and wishes.

Beginning this rhythmic cycle by celebrating “Create a Dynamic Year” with Lisa Michaels, and several of my friends who came to experience this insightful and helpful teleseminar at my home, helped me begin my year with an intention: Conscious Connection.

For me, Conscious Connection means that I will focus deeply on each person with whom I interact. I will schedule my time so that I will really HEAR each conversation, ask caring questions with compassion and an honest desire to understand, and allow my partner to complete her/his thought without interruption. This will apply whether we are in person or on the phone. It also means that I will respect the written word as I do the spoken.

With the speed of each passing day, I realize the enormity of what I have set out to do this year. It isn’t that I haven’t attempted to do these things in the past. Living in the present is an important factor in my life. It is just that I have allowed time and circumstances to be the catalyst for my not always following through with keeping outside thoughts and plans at bay. Perhaps you have experienced that yourself. It’s difficult not to in the world and times in which we live.

Conscious Connection also keeps me united with the Elements: Staying in my body keeps me bound to Earth; feeling the feelings of the person with whom I am connecting allows me to run my emotional Water clean and clear; Air assists me in keeping focus; and Fire – well fire keeps my desire to stay connected well lit! I thank Spirit for the gift of the friend or associate with whom I am visiting.

Already a few people have noticed the change in me, and commented on it. It feels AMAZING, and the energy shifts daily. So many gifts seem to be hidden in re-learning to listen differently. My intention for Conscious Connection has blessed me more than I could imagine!

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