Autumn’s Wisdom – Awakening Your Gifts of Aging

A 6-Part Online Exploration

With Wisdom of Aging Oracle Creator Bonnie Salamon

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Awaken your Gifts!

Manifesting the Gifts of Aging is a 6- hour virtual exploration of where you are in  bringing to fruition your hopes and dreams. At the same time, you learn to reignite your Passion and learn how to reignite action toward your Purpose to do.

All sessions have been pre-recorded for your ease viewing.

Happiness, peace and purpose seem to be the highest priorities on the bucket list of my clients as they look to the years ahead and how they will express their deepest desires.  A little security would help a lot too!

Yet for many, truly heartfelt happiness and internal peace may be elusive.   Where are these gifts and how do you find them?  Weren’t we promised the “golden years”?

Join me for a connection to all that is still left for you to be and do in this magnificent time of your life! 

YES, we will also be gaining additional insights from the Wisdom of Aging™ Card Deck! (purchase yours at a special rate below)

Here is what you will experience:

Session One

Following the Pathway to Bliss – understanding that finding true happiness is not just an inside job and that the connection to bliss is easier than you might imagine.  This is a deep look into how you are holding the events and relationships in your life.

 Celebrating and Honoring Your Accomplishments – perhaps you don’t believe you have accomplished what you had hoped by this age.  We’ll look at just exactly how far you’ve come and what you have been reluctant to honor.      

Session Two  Earth

The Elements and Aging –Earth

The Element of Earth teaches you about “being” and receiving.  It’s especially important, at this stage of life, to recognize the importance of standing on our own, being grounding and stewarding our lives.

Earth shares messages about time, money, our bodies, our homes, and our planet.  How will you manifest your physical needs now?

Session Three – Water

Water brings encouraging insights into clarifying emotions and reactions to people and events, including loss and grief.  What emotions are you holding or blocking that are keeping you from the life you wish to have?

Session Four – Air

Air teach us about the art of communication from our wisdom.   It’s all important to bring enthusiasm and vitality to relationships, community, projects and goals.

Air helps clarify intentions for the present and future and energize imagination for greater fulfillment.  Are you at all unsure of where you want to go from here?


Session Five – Fire

Fire engages life force and assists in “making things happen” for the legacy you wish to leave.  Do you seem to be “stuck” at times and unable to move forward? Let fire energize your passion and help you take action in the NOW.

Session Six – An Evolving Relationship with Spirit

Spirit – (the G-d of your understanding). 

As we age, by our very nature, we are changing our experience of the Divine.  How is your view changing and what additional changes need to be made to experience the peace you desire? We’ll explore what changes you have made in that relationship and what is still be explored.

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