Boundaries - Loving Guidelines for your Life

An Online Self-Paced Workshop to Help Navigate These Times

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A note from Bonnie:

This is a perfect time – away from family and friends – to evaluate how you have constructed not just your physical boundaries, but most importantly your emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries.

The freedom to think, speak and act free from judgment and concern for approval is a loving gift you can provide to yourself. Learn how to manage your Boundaries in a sweet and loving way.

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 Boundaries Master Class:

Loving Guidelines for Your Life
– A Virtual Class Series

Each of us hopes to be liked and loved. So, we often do things that our inner Essence tells us are not what we want to do, are not in our best interest, and may even be harmful to us.

  • Do you want others to value your time, expertise, and energy more?
  • Do you continue to say “yes” whether you want to or not?
  • Do you “do” for others regardless of your own health or financial concerns?
  • Do you feel “taken advantage of” by partners, friends, and family?
  • Are you often talked into taking a lesser fee, or feel you are charging too much?
  • Is your salary less than others in your position?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, this exploration can help you change  how others relate to you.


An online series – take at your own pace.  Sessions are pre-recorded and are all 90 minutes in length. You can watch them all at once, or at your own pace.


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  • What Are Healthy Boundaries and Why Are They Important?
  • Saying “No” Without Guilt and Being a Good Person Anyway
  • Exploring Physical, Emotional,Relational, and Spiritual Boundaries
  • Energetic Boundary Syndromes: We All Have Them — How to Recognize Yours
  • Healing Tools for Boundaries
  • The Elemental Boundaries

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What People are saying about Bonnie’s Boundary Workshop – 

I attended Bonnie Salamon’s Boundaries- Loving Guidelines class. Days later I am stunned at how much her facilitation has impacted my life.

I see so many opportunities to support myself in my every day life and bring more self love and kindness to my day.

I am now attuned to all the subtle ways I am not holding my boundaries and how it depletes my energy, focus and joy.

I have been able to “catch myself” and have gentle and generous conversations with those close to me, improving our bond and respecting each other even more.

Bonnie presents brilliant material with a warm hearted tone, sacred space for you to truly discover where you can be more kind, without beating yourself up…truly a remarkable class,
that I am still learning through daily application. So glad I gave myself this gift.

J.K. Energy worker, Coach and business owner

I am noticing shifts in my boundaries already, though. I’ve been sitting with how my boundaries influence how effectively I use my voice. I’m looking for the places that I want to speak, but don’t. In these situations, I’m observing whether I am not speaking because it’s truly not helpful or if my boundaries are compromised and I’m afraid to speak.

Thanks again for the class!  Many blessings,

Lisa Mowery

What makes this stand out as not just another workshop is Bonnie (of course). This subject matter is always up for another look in my life; I suspect I’m not alone:).

It’s fresh, deep, insightful, and not to be missed.

Lisa Vieria

I have been studying with Bonnie for several years now and her knowledge, skills and gentle teaching manner are always right on.
No less a recent new study she has developed around boundaries. I cannot speak for others but this is a particularly challenging area for me even after all my 76 years.

The research, delivery and interaction provided have helped me lift the mist around this issue and equipped me to move markedly forward with new eyes and ideas.

I happily endorse her as a teacher/facilitator for Boundaries.

Past Participant

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