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Frequently Asked

What does a VIP Day include?
This is a day devoted solely to you.  It begins with a Visioning Session that includes the setting of intentions.  This is followed by a Creation Team Reading and strategies for Feminine/Masculine and whole-brain integration.  Next is learning to work with the Elements in creating the life you desire.  And, finally, we begin to structure a Life Plan.  This is done in a beautiful setting and lunch and snacks are provided.
What can I expect in coaching sessions?

 Our time together is spent exploring issues and challenges that are present in your life.  We use tools such as your Creation Team (archetypes from your natal chart);  Elemental teachings; 7 Steps Pathway to Bliss teachings; Greaterness coaching; and other techniques as needed and required.  You choose start and complete dates.

Is Priestess work going to interfere with my religious beliefs?
 Absolutely not!  Priestess is a non-denominational spiritual program that has no dogma attached to it in any way.  It is a dive into understanding yourself from the inside out.  It takes place in a totally safe environment of like-minded individuals and no feedback, or “fixing” is allowed from other participants.  Priestess work is connection to the Elemental Forces of Creation along with strategies for a more peace-filled and loving life.
What services do you provide as a Life Cycle Celebrant?

Any type of ceremony desired is created from the ground up with input from you.  All ceremonies are cleared by you prior to the officiating of each.  Ceremonies can be small or large:  one person to over 200. They can be for major events such as weddings, funerals or memorial services.  For mid-sized events such as special birthdays, graduations, coming of age, baby welcoming, house warmings, etc.  Smaller ceremonies can be created for intimate gatherings or just to honor yourself.  When did you last celebrate all that you do?

Are payment plans available for working with you?

Yes, there are payment plans for one day VIP Days and coaching series, as well as payouts for ongoing circles such as “Manifesting the Gifts of Aging” and all three levels of Priestess.

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