Your Spectacular and Courageous Legacy

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Your Spectacular and Courageous Legacy

Have you given any thought to the fact that YOU are an ancestor of the future?  Have you considered what you will leave behind? 

What does that really mean?

For many, they are considering their “wealth” and “property” as the inheritance they will leave behind. However, in recent times we have come to realize that Legacy means so much more!

What you have espoused in your lifetime: your beliefs, your morality, your trials and how you handled them – these are the gifts you leave for your heirs.  It is not just your children who benefit from what you leave behind; it is every life you have touched that benefits from how you have, and are, living your life.  And, the greatest thing of all that you leave behind:  your LOVE.

The Legacy course was incredible, surpassing my expectations in all respects! Bonnie brought an amazing lightness and full-hearted compassion in her teachings, and facilitated such a supportive group dynamic. She provided materials and a guest speaker for practical concerns and shared ideas for creative legacy projects.

I’m well on the way to getting my affairs in order and percolating my own unique creative expressions. This course was an expertly guided journey, and it brought me great peace of mind.

Amy F.

Think about it!  You are abundant in so many ways that are NOT your bank account, stock portfolio, or real estate holdings.

In twenty, 20-minute sessions, through the lens of the natural world, you explore such important subjects as setting intention for your legacy, why your legacy is NOW, what you legally need to know, how to have delicate conversations, legacy projects, how to plan for end of life, and so much more.

In Your Spectacular and Courageous Legacy, you learn how to leave behind the most important of endowments with ease and grace.

Join me (Bonnie Salamon) on your own schedule for our sessions and your PERSONAL laser coaching sessions with me … all part of this spectacular value.

I took Bonnie’s Legacy Class a couple of years ago (pre-COVID) and it was a wonderful experience on many levels. Loved that she tied the different aspects of Legacy to the Elements. During class, we delved not only into the important paperwork part (Earth Element) but other more fun, heart-centered areas as well. By the end of the class I was much more knowledgeable, had sources if I wanted more information in certain areas, was very encouraged, and had a wonderful time. Highly recommen

Nancy S

Your Spectacular and Courageous Legacy is an incredible journey! Bonnie facilitates this process with grace, knowledge, and wisdom. Using the information and steps she shares will help you to “Ace the Final Exam of Life” so that by truly Rockin’ your Legacy you can live your life way more fully with the peace of mind this process provides.

Peter Klein

Your Guide – Bonnie Salamon

Wisdom of Aging Guide, Life Cycle Celebrant, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Speaker, Certified Gerontologist ~ and Lifelong Learner.

Bonnie Salamon is the founder of Autumn’s Fire, LLC, and the co-founder of Wise Transformation. She is the Creatrix of the Wisdom of Aging Oracle and courses. She has been a facilitator of workshops and programs for 15 years and is a sought-after speaker in spiritually-based and self-help communities. She is also a life coach using the Pathway to Bliss model.

Bonnie’s success is based on her unique ability to create safe environments for her clients, her deep listening skills, and her non-judgmental approach to helping them find their surest path to abundance.


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