Global Goddess Gathering 2020

April 23-26, 2020
Unicoi State Park, Georgia
(2 ½ hours from Atlanta airport)

Live Event Dates


Regeneration and Return to the heART of Sisterhood

Thursday, April 23, 2020


She Who Is …

Empowered, Emboldened, Revolutionary, Visionary, Present, Joyful, Loving, Spirit Led, Inspired … YOU

Friday, April 24, 3:00 PM to Sunday April 26, 2:00 PM

What’s Included:

  • Lodging (2 or 3 nights) see Payment Options
  • All meals beginning with dinner on the day of your arrival
  • Goddess painting class supplies (for those who sign up for Thursday’s Regenerate session)

Note – Coming for Thursday’s heART event includes early check in + a 2-hour painting class + dinner + an evening bonfire and s’mores.

An Amazing Location in Nature!
Unicoi State Park, Helen, GA

Located 2 1/2 hours from the Atlanta Airport, Unicoi is a very popular 1050-acre state park that is nestled in the north Georgia mountains.

This park offers outstanding programs focusing on natural, cultural, historical and recreational resources year around. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hiking and biking on scenic mountain trails, especially those leading to Helen and Anna Ruby Falls.

Watch the video on the right, or click the button below for more information.

Our Last In Person Gathering was SO Amazing!


Our Amazing Presenters and Content

Dionne Ruff-Sloan

She Who Courts Herself:
An Inner Marriage Ritual

One of the most transformative experiences in the Priestess Process is the Sacred Marriage or Sacred Union Ceremony.  But what happens as we go out into the world as Priestesses? The truth is every relationship requires ongoing work to remain healthy and whole.  During this Inner Marriage ritual, we’ll tune into our inner feminine and inner masculine for an Inner couples retreat celebrating what’s working while clearing away what’s not working between them. We’ll conclude with a Sacred Vow renewal ceremony, so you come away remembering the gift of belonging to yourself.  

Kathy Forest

She Who Makes Miracles!

You are made for miracles!  You are made to perform them.  Every obstacle and difficulty placed in your path is an opportunity to create something outrageously magnificent!  You can turn every negative event, from $0 in your bank account to difficulties in your relationship, into a positive one! I’m not just talking character-building here, but real “cash in your hand” change! Join Kath as she leads you through a step-by-step process of Creating Miracles that works every single time!

Cayelin Castell

She Who Lives the Sky Mysteries

For eons of time it was the women who tended to the Sky Mysteries and how they related to the Earth’s Seasons, Moon Phases and Planetary movements through the stars. When Patriarchy took over these mysteries were lost to both women and men. It’s time to get them back and to reclaim our ability to be informed by these mysteries and to also help inform them. The first step is awareness. Tuning into what is going on in the Great Above helps us to be more aware of how to engage in our So Below Experience.

Cayelin will share about the unique opportunity we have to engage the rare triple planetary alignment of 2020 and the beginning of a New Venus Cycle happening in June of 2020. Timing is Everything so knowing when and how to work with these Timings assists us in our Priestess Ceremonies both personally and collectively.



Annette Pedersen

She Who is the Opened Heart

Did you know . . . many ancient cultures gave grief an honored space around the fire?

Those who were grieving were not expected to participate in daily chores. Instead, they were given time and comfort until they were ready to resume community responsibilities.

Sometimes we don’t admit our grief, due to societal constructs. Sometimes we don’t take the time to fully process it – Sometimes we are not given the time.  So often we are not heard, supported or accepted for such deep feelings.

There is nothing more supportive and potentially transformational than being in Ceremony with others who have lived through heartbreak in any of the many ways it can be experienced.

Annette will take you on this Ceremonial Journey to experience the sweetness of tears and the joy of returned life to your Being.

Bonnie Salamon

She Who Enlivens Sacred Love and Compassion

While we live in a society that may often separate us from the natural world, and more often separates us from “others”, it’s important to examine how we can find peace and fulfillment that will reside within.   We must see the “oneness” of all things animate and inanimate to find ourselves in connection with All That Is.  Love and compassion (loving compassion) is something that we pay lip service to, but our hearts may tell a different story.  How do we maintain our equilibrium between love of self, love of other, and the knowledge that we have the keys to creating a more beautiful, heart-spirited, kinder world?

In this insightful time together, we will interactively see how our boundaries have been breached and thus why we now lack trust in others’ beliefs and actions.  We will learn the importance of how to trust ourselves first.  Finally, we’ll begin to believe how we can trust the world in which we live. 

Judy Keating

She who Dances in Energetic Wholeness

All energy vibrates. Vibration resonates and synchronizes with other vibrations. Everything we create starts in the void; then energy moves even prior to thought about creating anything.

Learn how to clarify your energy, how the Earth is already in the fifth dimension and humanity is being called to move there too.  The current discord, the polarity, the void of compassion is all three- dimensional shadow energy shining a light on the fact that the old way is no longer working.  Changing our energy so that we transmit fifth dimensional energy is vital to supporting the shift in consciousness that we all are yearning to create.

You will experience fifth dimensional energy and interact with each other from that place.  The shift will be an embodied experience with activations and interplay that will strengthen your ability to share your energy everywhere you go, without depletion.

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Nicole Christine, Creatrix, Grandmother and source DNA of the Priestess Process, will be honored during the opening ceremony of the Global Goddess Gathering 2020.

Plus, in this celebration of life, we’ll remember all our Priestess Sisters who have transitioned from the earthly plane.

We invite you to join with us in this celebration of all those who have crossed into the next realm and the many gifts they brought to the Oversoul of the Priestess and High Priestess. Please bring pictures and memorabilia (and stories) of those who are gone from our midst and help us remember them in love and joy.

Bonus! New Years Online Event

2020 – A New Year, A New You: The New Earth

Sign up for the Global Goddess Gathering by December 31, 2019 and receive access to our Online New Years Event – a $149 Value

New Years Presenters

  • Bonnie Salamon
  • Judy Keating
  • Dionne Ruff-Sloan
  • Cayelin Castell
  • Annette Pedersen
  • Kathy Forest

The Marketplace

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Note – as of December 1, our  vendor space is totally sold out!

We know you will enjoy perusing the many offerings our vendors will provide.


Cost and Options

What's included -

  • Lodging (2 or 3 nights) see Payment Options
  • All meals through Sunday lunch (from date of arrival)

  • Snacks, water and coffee available all day

  • Goddess painting class supplies (for those who sign up for Thursday’s Regenerate session

Sign up before 12/31/19 for special BONUS

New Year’s Virtual Workshop – $149 value 

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Is this for me?

Global Goddess Gathering 2020 is for ANY woman wishing to expand her connection to Spirit (the god of her understanding), the natural world, and her like-minded community.  There are no other requirements!


This event will offer opportunities to expand your understanding of what changes you can expect with the turning of the ages that is happening now, and that ramps up in 2020.  It is attended by women from all over the country, and the world, who wish to create a more peaceful, loving, and abundant world, while taking action to sustain our planet.

Can I just attend the Virtual Event?

Only after this event is “completely sold out” will there be the likely addition of a virtual event.

Will any of this be recorded or Live Streamed?

Again, this is dependent on in-person attendance.  It is our hope that we have the participation we anticipate so these arrangements can be made.


What if I sign up and can't attend?

Your place at GGG is transferable to another person (and your purchase price is non-refundable)

Past Participants LOVE the Global Goddess Gathering


What a potent and magickal weekend! What a blessing to meet all of you amazing women!

– Victoria Moonfire Fatula


I’m so full of all good feels from the weekend. Thank you, Goddesses for showing up and showing me how to dance again!

  – Kelly Eberhardt


Being at The Mountain, with all of you, and emerging as Priestess was and is the most incredible experience of my life. Grateful beyond words.

  – Betty Norcross Wappner


A beautiful precipice for amazing transformation! Unforgettable experience… life changing Convergence & Emergence

– Linda Carter Backes


Love this amazing tribe of women leaders!

– Cynthia Lynn Stacey


I cannot adequately express the love, fellowship and community that I experienced this weekend. Much gratitude to all who worked so hard to bring together this Gathering.

– Judith Pace

Contact us with any questions and to stay informed about future events