Holiday Secrets: Love, Joy and Peace for You and Your Loved Ones

With Bonnie Salamon

Holiday Secrets: Love, Joy and Peace for You and Your Loved Ones

Sometimes the holidays are joyous.  Other times, the holidays are a time of dread. Sometimes the holidays are a time of unmet expectations that lead to depressed feelings and resentments.  Sometimes the holidays just fall flat, and you greet the New Year with sagging shoulders and teary eyes.

Awareness in using the Elements can prevent holiday disasters.

Join me to learn how the Holiday Secrets ease the stress and create more loving, peaceful experiences.

Earth teaches us to enjoy the sights, sounds, rituals, and celebrations of a beautiful holiday season.  Together we’ll look at how planning, timing, and spending can work in your life to create peace and joy.  We’ll discuss how creating organic ceremonies can enliven your celebrations. 

Water invites us to Stay Loving and Patient.  How do you do that with the family member that gets under your skin the most or how to maneuver through the political game when you are asked to get into the fray or how to diffuse a financial game played by those with the greatest need to compare?

Air supports our intention(s) for the holidays.  We’ll decide how to make the holiday festivities a calming affair through clear planning and learning flexibility in the wake of changing plans.

Fire – Passion without Pain explains fire is  about expression of what you want while helping able choose peace over passion and still having what you want.

Spirit – Calling on Your Divine Self, we’ll share how to reach into your Essence, your Divine Inner Self, to hold ALL the elemental energies in tact and keep yourself at peace.


Please join us for this holiday primer, at your convenience, beginning November 1.


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