New Years 2020 Online Summit

January 3-4, 2020 via ZOOM Video

Online January 3-4, 2020

2020 – A New Year, A New You: The New Earth An Experiential Celebration of Divine Feminine Magical Habits

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Start 2020 off with Ceremonial Intent and Excitement!

Join Bonnie Salamon, Judy Keating, Cayelin Castell, Kathy Forest, Dionne Ruff-Sloan, and Annette Pedersen for an incredible day of virtual topics and community sharing from the comfort of your home.

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Online Event Presenters and Content

Cayelin Castell

She Who Lives the Sky Mysteries

For eons of time it was the women who tended to the Sky Mysteries and how they related to the Earth’s Seasons, Moon Phases and Planetary movements through the stars. When Patriarchy took over these mysteries were lost to both women and men. It’s time to get them back and to reclaim our ability to be informed by these mysteries and to also help inform them. The first step is awareness. Tuning into what is going on in the Great Above helps us to be more aware of how to engage in our So Below Experience.

 Cayelin will share what is happening in the sky as the year 2020 begins and how we can more consciously co-create with these mysteries.



Dionne Ruff-Sloan

Habitually Rich

During this time of year, we’re often prompted to make sweeping changes in every area of our lives.  But what if we could develop mini habits (incremental behaviors performed daily) that would support the magical manifestation of our abundance and prosperity dreams for 2020 and beyond?   In this session, Dionne will guide us in clearing the default settings our brains fall back on. We’ll begin creating mini habits to build self -efficacy and generate small wins. Finally, we’ll celebrate all the forms of abundance and prosperity we already have available to us.  

Bonnie Salamon

New Year – New Mindset:  Loving Self/Loving Other

Shifting consciousness in 2020 offers us an opportunity to redefine who we want to be.  Are we willing to take a stand for true kindness, compassion and loving actions?  Do we even know what that means in this world of shifting values, words of separation, and unclear boundaries?

To navigate these waters, we must redefine what it means to be US.  It’s time to step up to all we claim to be, examine our motivations, and look closely at our true belief systems.

In this session, Bonnie will outline steps to make sure you really know how to love yourself.  That’s the critical piece that enables you to love other and receive love in return. You’ll understand why you may jump on the bandwagon to be critical and what it means to walk the walk of kindness, love, and compassion. You’ll also examine ways to be the solution to the challenges that face you each day.

Judy Keating

Habits that Heal, Honor and Harmonize with the feminine way of being

The definition of Habit according to

An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street.

In this interactive session, Judy will share neuro-science research that brings to light how habits are formed; and how to take control of your behavior.  How to create routines that become ritual resulting in acceleration fun and coherence.  You will interact with others and practice what you learn in real time. How to tap into your own unique way of creating in your life.

There will be an energy session to encourage ease and grace in changing your habits, as well as how to use nature as a support system to catalyze growth and space to plant the seeds you want to grow for 2020.

Annette Pedersen

She Who Feels All –
As Within, So Without – FEEL your All-someness!

We could all agree that a healthy expression of emotion is beneficial in many ways.
And yet, we are taught from an early age that certain emotions are not welcome or accepted.
If you block or suppress one, you create a block across the board.

There are very few teachings on how to effectively embrace and express ALL our emotions and feelings. It is time to access our emotions and express them in ways that serve us, and allow us to thrive!

Accessing and cultivating a clear inner sense of Self creates a strong foundation of As Within, and shows up in our outer world  in manifestations of As Without.  Annette leads you in a return to a Power-full time of creative innocence as you open your personal toy chest and pull out magic wands, flying carpets, capes and derring-do’s.

Kathy Forest

Fire Up Your Healthy Habits

No change happens on this planet without ACTION!  We can “intend” all we want, but until we actually follow through and act, we will not create the change we seek.  Discover many simple, easy changes you can easily turn into daily habits that will super-charge your health and fire up your enthusiasm to truly make the changes you desire.

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